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Our employees are the reason for our success. We stand for diversity. We have people working in the Hammer stores, the Brueder Schlau craft stores, sewing studios, head office and in logistics. They work as interior designers, floor layers, salespersons, warehouse clerks, drivers, buyers, marketing managers or graphic designers.

They all represent the most important assets and play a decisive role in the progress of the group of companies. Above all, collegial cooperation and open communication are very important to us. With over 5,500 team members, our company thrives on the various levels of experience, backgrounds and characters.

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Michael Rosen

Michael Rosen has been working as a warehouse logistics specialist at the Porta Westfalica warehouse location for 28 years. Back then, he applied to the Brueder Schlau Group because he wanted to switch careers and try out a different line of work.

Today, he is not only responsible for warehouse organisation, but has also taken on two other important posts.

Anja Spilker

Anja Spilker heads the payroll team. Together with her nine colleagues, she is responsible for the employees’ concerns regarding wages and salaries, as well as communication with the pension fund, the tax authorities and health insurance companies.

She has been with the Brueder Schlau Group her entire professional life.

Marian Flessa

Marian Flessa is a district manager at Hammer and is responsible for eight specialist stores around Worms in Rhineland-Palatinate. After a temporary job during his business studies, he decided to join the Brueder Schlau Group family.

The former customer quickly became a motivated employee, later store manager and now district manager.


Not only do we want to offer our employees an attractive salary or secure prospects for the future. For us, it is just as important to offer opportunities for individual development and to make everyday working life as exciting and pleasant as possible. Find out more about the benefits of working at the Brueder Schlau Group of Companies.

Brüder Schlau Mitarbeitervorteile Vorsorge


Brüder Schlau Vorsorge im Unternehmen
Brüder Schlau Mitarbeitervorteile Vorsorge


Brüder Schlau Gesundheit und Arbeitsumfeld
Brüder Schlau Mitarbeitervorteile Gesundheit und Arbeitsumfeld
Brüder Schlau Mitarbeitervorteile Gesundheit und Arbeitsumfeld
Brüder Schlau Mitarbeitervorteile Wohlergehen und Wertschätzung


Brüder Schlau Wohlergehen
Brüder Schlau Mitarbeitervorteile Wohlergehen und Wertschätzung

Der Fußboden bildet die Basis und das Fundament der Raumgestaltung. Die Auswahl ist groß und reicht von textilen Bodenbelägen bis hin zu Natur- und Designböden. Dabei haben Teppich-, Parkett-, Kork-, Laminat und Designböden spezifische Eigenschaften, die sie auszeichnen.


Brüder Schlau Entwicklung und Karriere Sketch
Brüder Schlau Mitarbeitervorteile Entwicklung und Karriere
Brüder Schlau Mitarbeitervorteile Entwicklung und Karriere


Trainees at our headquarters provide personal insights on their Instagram channel into what it’s like to work here.