Brüder Schlau Vorsorge im Unternehmen


The population is getting older and the pension fund is getting emptier. Only one thing has long been certain about the state pension: that it is not enough to live a carefree life in old age. This means that you have to arrange for the minimum pension to be topped up yourself. Therefore, we offer attractive coverage with a special tariff from the Allianz Lifeinsurance-AG for every employee.


Every fourth person retires earlier from working life due to illness, however, only every tenth person is insured against occupational disability. Basic income support from the state is low and seldom paid out. In case of emergency, your income suddenly collapses and you are in a financial emergency situation alongside with the health problems.
Your benefits of our occupational disability insurance provided by BVUK:

  • Admission to the scheme is generally possible without health check.
  • No age limits
  • An extremely favourable contribution option due to collective conditions that would otherwise not be possible for individuals.

Group Accident Insurance

Accidents can happen anywhere and any time. Potential consequences are financial strains on those individuals who are affected or their relatives, in the form of loss of earnings and necessary modifications, for instance, or even – worst case scenario – the loss of life. During what would then be a very difficult time, the Brueder Schlau Group and its subsidiaries would like to provide some relief. For this purpose, a group accident insurance policy has been taken out for all employees. This insurance covers employees around the clock and worldwide, in both their professional as well as private lives. This insurance is free of charge for the employees, the premium is paid by the Brueder Schlau Group.