Successful Combination of Training
and Athletic Dedication

Successful Combination of Training and Athletic Dedication
Heinrich Bredemeier is a trainee at the Group of Companies headquarters. In addition to his apprenticeship as a merchant in wholesale and foreign trade management, he is an active player in the U23 squad of the Bundesliga team GWD Minden.

After graduating from vocational school with a focus on business administration, Heinrich Bredemeier completed a voluntary social year at the handball club GWD Minden. “I was able to immerse myself in many of the club’s processes,” says the 20-year-old. His tasks included training the E-boys under his own supervision as well as looking after the ball sports clubs and youth players. As an active player in the U23 squad, he thus became an integral part of the GWD team in addition to his own personal interests in the sport. This passion for the club has continued throughout his training. This makes it possible for him to combine his professional and athletic commitments. As a long-standing partner of GWD Minden, it is gratifying for the Brueder Schlau Group of Companies to have a handball talent in its own ranks of apprentices.

The areas of responsibility in wholesale and foreign trade management are varied. Within the apprenticeship, the Group of Companies trainees rotate every four months so that they can get a closer look at each division of the head office. Depending on the respective department, the day-to-day business of the new specialists of tomorrow is quite different. For example, Heinrich, currently in human resources development, is responsible for maintaining seminar lists and certificates, among other things. “I am able work independently and get to know the various work processes, areas and structures,” he explains.

There is no elbow mentality here, the team spirit is always in the foreground.

For Heinrich, the move from school to the working world was very exciting, but also unfamiliar: “The new tasks were of course very different from those at school. I learned to work independently and the transition was made very smoothly.

At the beginning of his training, Heinrich participated in various courses and seminars that gave him and the other trainees an understanding of the work procedures. In addition, the trainers are always on hand with advice and support.
He perceives his colleagues as thoroughly pleasant. Among the trainees of the various apprenticeships, there is also a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. “There is no elbow mentality here, the team spirit is always in the foreground. The office has a good mix of communication and quiet time. It’s a really positive working atmosphere and it’s fun to come to the office.“

Heinrich was given a lot of confidence right at the outset of his own professional career, and that has clearly remained in his memory. As a result, he was able to put the typical cliché of the “coffee-making trainee” to rest on day 1.


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