Trusted person in the warehouse

Michael Rosen has been working as a specialist in warehouse logistics at the Porta Westfalica warehouse location for 28 years. He applied to the Brüder Schlau group at the time because he wanted to change his career and try a different profession. Today, he is not only responsible for warehouse organization, but he has also taken on two other important positions.

“A decisive factor for my application here was the diverse product range and versatile field of activity,” says Michael Rosen. “Especially since it is a family-run company. I associate a lot of positives with it, such as secure jobs, a good working atmosphere, and responsibility being taken.” So he started in 1995 in the goods reception and later switched to his current area, the warehouse organization. Since he started, he has experienced a lot in the Brüder Schlau group. So he was also present at many parties and events. “There were great celebrations,” says Michael Rosen. For him, the summer parties or Christmas parties experienced have created many beautiful memories, but especially a feeling of belonging among the employees and with the company.


Varied activities and independent work

“What I particularly like about my work is the versatility
and independent work,” says Michael Rosen. “There are
always new challenges, I have a lot of contact with other
people and I also receive trust,” he is aware.

In his job, the 50-year-old is responsible for different tasks within the warehouse. This includes the issuance, return, and commissioning of repairs of the rental tools, as well as the optimization of the warehouse structure when storing goods, creating and deleting warehouse locations, and managing pallet accounts. “In a pallet account, inflows and outflows of pallets or other load carriers are recorded, allowing for traceability,” explains Michael Rosen. “I also keep an eye on the safety aspects of the warehouse inventory,” he explains. “For example, I check the safety of shelves and ladders.” He also acts as a contact person for external companies or craftsmen and takes care of the maintenance of the warehouse hardware.

In addition to his duties, he has taken on two additional responsible tasks. Since October 2021, he has been working as an in-house addiction counselor for the logistics/shipping sector at the Porta Westfalica location. This position is now established in many companies, and Michael Rosen acts as a consultant and trusted advisor for addiction prevention and treatment. Since December 2022, he has also been elected as the representative for people with disabilities for the logistics/shipping sector at the Porta Westfalica, Wustermark and Ostrau locations. “It’s nice when colleagues have confidence in me and share their problems with me,” says Michael Rosen.

Mutual respect, recognition
and team spirit

These are the three terms that first come to mind for Michael Rosen when asked about the work atmosphere in his department. “I like working here at the company because we have a pleasant work atmosphere, the cooperation with other employees is always collegial, and I experience a lot of appreciation here.”


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