Warehouse Logistics Specialist
with Heart and Soul

For the past ten years, Jennifer Auf dem Kampe has been an integral part of our Group of Companies, beginning her career with us as a trainee for warehouse logistics in Porta Westfalica. Now she works as a clerk for shortage and incoming goods inspection and is very familiar with the behind the scenes product processing.

After her initial training as a retail saleswoman, followed by a few years behind the sales counter, a desire for change arose. “I wanted to know what was going on in the background, what processes were behind sales,” says the 32-year-old. In August 2013, she therefore began her training at Schlau Warehouse Ltd & Co. KG and was thus able to gain more detailed insights. In the beginning, driving a forklift was just as much a part of her daily work as loading and unloading Schlau trucks and the commissioning and booking of incoming goods.

Since 2022, Jennifer Auf dem Kampe has been part of the clerical team at the head office warehouse. She deals with goods and missing quantities of delivered products and commissioned orders. From stock checks, inventories and the recording of pallets in the SAP system to general process and shortfall archiving, all matters relating to product handling are part of her daily business. In doing so, she continuously consults with the purchasing department and other departments of the corporate group. “Working ‘hand in hand’ is important to me. Close contact with colleagues, even across departments, makes everyday life particularly pleasant and varied,”  emphasising the strong team spirit.


You have to go on a search like Sherlock Holmes.

She enjoys procedures such as reconciling incoming goods and clarifying discrepancies. “Sometimes it’s real detective work when delivery notes are missing or too many or too few goods have been received. You have to go on a search like Sherlock Holmes,” she explains. Solution-oriented and determined is the name of the game and, above all, working well in a team.

Together with her three co-workers, she manages the balancing act between work in the warehouse and in the office very well. “Sometimes you have to have a strong voice and fight your way through. But that’s exactly what I like, overcoming challenges.”

“All our communication is very much at eye level, friendly and relaxed,” says Jennifer Auf dem Kampe. She particularly emphasises the collegiality. “They call me the ‘Warehouse Whirlwind’. I was integrated into the team right from the start and positively accepted, even during my training period.” In addition to the pleasant working climate and the cohesion within the team, she emphasises the values of the group of companies. “It is important that people enjoy coming to work and that they feel good.“

Her personal highlight in the ten years she has been with the Group of Companies was completing her training as a warehouse logistics specialist. “I was taken on directly afterwards, for an unlimited period. I’m pleased that they had so much confidence in me and I can feel that every day.”


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