In December 2022, employees at the Brueder Schlau Group received special instruction in fire protection. During the theoretical segment, participants learned everything they needed to know about fire protection and firefighting. The practical section consisted of an outdoor exercise in which, among other things, the correct use of a fire extinguisher was explained. On completion of both parts of the training, the new fire safety assistants received a certificate of participation.

Comprehensive Instructions for Employees
In addition to the training of fire protection assistants, there are a large number of other regular training courses or instructions in the area of occupational safety for employees to ensure that they conduct themselves in a safety-conscious manner at their respective workplaces. All employees receive annual instruction on the basics of occupational safety and fire protection in relation to their workplace and can also refer to the Occupational Safety Manual at any time, which is available on the company’s intranet. Workplace-specific focal points and special features are taken into account accordingly.

In order to identify possible hazards at the workplace in advance, a risk assessment of the respective work system is first carried out. Depending on the hazard, various alternative solutions are then proposed by the occupational safety specialist (FASi) and selected and implemented by the responsible manager. The effectiveness of the measures introduced is then reviewed.

Preventative Thinking and Safeguarding
Operating instructions inform employees briefly in writing about hazards and protective measures at their workplace. The aim is to prevent accidents when handling work equipment and substances. Operating instructions are therefore an important component of occupational health and safety.