High ceilings, stucco ornamentation and large stained glass windows: The offices of the GWD Minden handball club are located in an historic setting at the old imperial villa. Their rooms were renovated as part of a trainee project with our Hammer retail sales line.

Hammer has been the handball club’s sponsoring partner for many years and now the interior decorator trainees have had the opportunity to benefit from this connection and gain practical experience in their own project. For the renovation of the premises, the trainees from all three apprenticeship years were able to register for the individual construction phases. After a rough colour and style brief from GWD Minden, the trainees were finally allowed to get creative themselves and choose colours, floor coverings, pleated blinds and window decorations.

Under the guidance of Michael Darnauer, personnel trainer for the crafts division, the first step was to remove old floor coverings and wallpaper, fill in uneven areas and level the floor. After this preparatory work, it was time to paint and lay the floor.

GWD Managing Director Nils Torbrügge paints a positive picture:
“Under the leadership of Michael Darnauer, the Hammer trainee team has given our office a fresh look and created impressive rooms where employees, fans and partners can feel at home in future. Attractive colours and high-quality materials have already elicited an enthusiastic “Wow!” from many a visitor in recent weeks. We are delighted that the already very lively partnership between Hammer and GWD has been further enhanced by this project for everyone involved,” says Torbrügge.

The Imperial Villa in Minden is a listed building that was originally built in 1879/1880 and 1914 in the Weser Renaissance style. It owes its name to Kaiser Wilhelm II, who spent the night there as part of a military exercise in 1889.