United in our desire to support the reconstruction efforts in Turkey after the earthquake, we have joined forces with the team at the Hammer Specialist Store in Rheda-Wiedenbrueck, GWD Minden and its resident player Doruk Pehlivan, for a special project: Works of art by Pehlivan for a good cause.

Back in February, the employees of the Hammer Specialist Store in Rheda-Wiedenbrueck showed great initiative by donating money to relief efforts in Turkey, funds they had actually won from a team event. For some colleagues with roots and relatives in Turkey, this was particularly close to their hearts and a positive way for them to help from afar. The Group of Companies supported this spirit by doubling the amount to 600 €.

Paintings in aid of earthquake victims in Turkey

The association between GWD Minden and Hammer has existed for several years, during which Hammer has accompanied the handball club as a sponsor. When GWD player Doruk Pehlivan launched his art campaign and began drawing pictures in exchange for donations in the earthquake relief effort, as a GWD sponsor, Hammer supported this commitment. “It’s really wonderful that he is offering his artistic talent to help the people in his home country. We would very much like to support his efforts,” says Hammer District Manager Frank Bartling. The management even decided to have a drawing done on the façade of the Hammer Specialty Store in Rheda-Wiedenbrueck for a donation of € 1,000 to the earthquake relief organisation Ahbap.org. A strong signal to our employees that self-initiative is recognised and appreciated. The non-profit organisation Ahbap.org was chosen by Pehlivan and works in an independently political and religious manner.

The donation cheque and painting by Doruk Pehlivan were handed over in June. To everyone’s surprise, Pehlivan even brought a second graffiti-style artwork in addition to the picture drawn with pens and coloured pencils.