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Brüder Schlau Controlling


One of the main tasks of our Controlling Department is the planning, management and control of corporate goals. This includes, for example, market turnover statistics, margin controls as well as the supervision and processing of inventories and group statistics. The primary goal is to ensure the company’s success in the short and long term.


This is where many important financial figures of the Brueder Schlau Group come together: The Finance/Taxes department has a multi-layered structure due to its broad range of tasks. The employees are distributed among the superordinate areas of accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger accounting, taxes and treasury.

The department is a constant point of contact – both internally and externally when interacting with suppliers and service providers as well as customers. 
 Not surprising: after all, the division is responsible for organising smooth payment transactions and thus takes an active role in the planning and strategic orientation of the company. In addition to liquidity management, all debit, credit and general ledger transactions of all companies are posted, credit checks are carried out, debt collection and cost accounting workflows are managed, tax issues are clarified and tax reporting obligations are fulfilled, and tax audits are accompanied.

Brüder Schlau Unternehmen Controlling, Einkauf und Recht

Law and Compliance

The department’s team advises colleagues throughout the entire Corporate Group and represents their interests in disputes, especially in dealings with contractual partners and authorities. For example, disputing incorrect operating cost accounts with landlords, clarifying complaints from wholesale and retail customers is just as much part of the daily work as checking and drawing up all kinds of contracts that the other divisions would like to conclude.

In terms of labour law, the Legal Department also advises managers in problematic cases and thus supports the HR department. 
 In addition to the Legal Department, the Law & Compliance Department also takes care of occupational safety. The Corporate Group employs its own occupational safety specialists who are responsible for the locations.

In the coming year, another team will be integrated into the division to deal with quality assurance and application technology. Apart from ensuring that all legal requirements that apply to the trade products are complied with, our sales colleagues are supported, in close cooperation with the Legal Department, whenever complaints arise as well as in the continuous improvement of our trade-related activities.