Everything seems to go wrong when you are suddenly hit by an unlucky twist of fate or your inner balance is off. How often do things weigh us down so far that we are unable to concentrate on work properly or enjoy our free time? Now, in all life situations, employees of the Group of Companies can turn to Corrente’s counselling services free of charge.

Competent and Empathetic Support

Whether caring for relatives, suffering an unfortunate event, psychological or health related issues or simply the desire for an impartial counterpart – there are many reasons to seek guidance in stressful situations. At Corrente’s Counselling Centres, you will always receive the best expert advice. Competent professionals are there to help with family issues, stress management or conflicts at the workplace, among various other matters – in a safe and confidential environment. The service is available to all employees of the Brueder Schlau Group as well as any relatives living in the same household. Counselling can therefore be helpful in all life situations and contribute to maintaining or further developing individual well-being.